Bianca and Daniël
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Life is a beautiful colour


Sleeping time

It is right. 

A black hole will eat the Sun

and then on Sunday mornings

it will still be night

and you will be like:

"I should have brought more wine."


On darkness

Night is when light takes a break from making colour,

so I suppose making white must be really tiring  

'cause light sleeps a lot during winter. 



If passion is red,

and apples are green,

what colour is music?

If there's no song about it,

it's not real. 



Cut red, blood.

Cut blue, flood.

Cut yellow, blindness.

Cut green, pollution.

Cut black, corruption.

Cut white, avalanche. 


Many me

When I type I think of myself as a big writer.

When I beat rhythm on on my knees, I'm a musician.

When I count, I'm a famous mathematician.

When I can't stop talking, I'm a philosopher.

When I'm asking for direction, I'm an explorer.

When I'm right, I'm a good lawyer.

When I colour, I’m 5 again. 


© Bianca Apostol